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Handbags are a favorite accessory of many girls and I believe that all ladies always want to find and own the hottest trending bags.  So, to assist you, Womenbagsworld.com was established.

  1. Women Bags World and who we are 

We are Women Bags World, and we specialize in delivering the most recent fashions and fashionable designs of women bags. You become a trendsetter if you read our blog.

We are a magazine site and we understand you – ladies. We understand that you are a lover of beauty and fashion, you always aspire to own the most trending handbags and even the most fashionable gym bag for women. And to help your journey to conquer fashion, especially women bags fashion, become more wonderful, we are here.   

  1. Women Bags World’s story 

Understanding the thoughts and passion of many girls’ trendy Women Bag, we decided to set up a small blog in 2013. Women Bags World has grown from a small and new site to become one of the best trusted women bags for fashionistas to purchase online. Recently, Women Bags World is cooperating with more than 30 famous retail companies around the world such as: Amazon, Esty, Lazada, Shopee,..

2.1. Women Bags World’s mission as an online magazine 

Women bags world’s purpose is to provide you with the finest buying experience for women bags.

  • As an online magazine about bags, we always provide you with the latest information about new bag models from major fashion brands like Gucci, YSL, ..to popular bag brands, for example: size, material, color.
  • Women Bag World also presents you with the latest bag trends for that year or that season to make sure you stay on top of the trends. 
  • Besides, Women Bag World also suggests you how to coordinate with that bag to suit your style and be the most trendy. 
  • To make your handbag shopping experience better, we also offer you many coupons that can be discounted up to 70%. 

2.2. Women Bags World’s vision as an online magazine 

We want to be the top fashion website for Women Bag for all fashionistas throughout the globe. We will keep sharing and love for our consumers, as well as to be their greatest fashion buddies. 

Moreover, we aim to become a major handbag seller worldwide and provide you with the most trendy Women Bag at the most affordable prices. 

  1. Recommended trendy Women Bag on our website 

To help you have a more objective view of Women Bag world products, we recommend a few trendy Women Bag on our website. 

3.1. Hermes Kelly – Top 1 trendy Women Bag 

Topping in this top list is a women bag from Hermes – a luxury fashion brand. 

  • Haut à Courroies’ design from 1892 served as inspiration.
  • Robert Dumas created the design.
  • The bag became popular when Grace Kelly used it in Alfred Hitchcock’s film in 1954 and 1956, when Grace used it to hide her pregnant tummy.
  • Price: $9,000-$40,000

3.2.  Hermès Constance – Top 2 trendy Women Bag

In second place is Hermès Constance. 

  • Hermès has another “top seller” item. It was sought after by John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, as a present for his wife.
  • This women bag features a stylish lock in the form of the letter H, which is the initial letter of the company.
  • The Hermès bag comes in fashionable hues that may be worn on a daily basis or at nighttime celebrations.
  • Price: $4,000 – $30,000

3.3. Gucci Dionysus – Top 3 trendy Women Bag 

We can not miss the supper product from Gucci fashion house. 

  • This Gucci bag is constructed of canvas and has printed logos all over it. Two varied color flaps at the front are one unusual design.
  • This Gucci Dionysus has a single spacious compartment with a divider. The design of the lock, which resembles a horseshoe, adds a distinctive touch to the bag.
  • Price: $1,550 – $5,800 

3.4. Chanel Classic – Top 4 trendy Women Bag 

When it comes to trendy Women Bag, we can not ignore Chanel Classic 

  • This Chanel classic is made from leather and has a top adjustable strap with lozenge motifs.
  • The gold magnet clasp is imprinted with the brand’s emblem on the exterior.
  • Price: $8,800

If you are interested in our website, and find out more information about us, you can check in Womenbagsworld – The best women bags for you 

Or you can check some other articles or women bags that we recommend at https://twitter.com/womenbagsworld

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